Allyson Felix Overcomes Injury in Olympics Trials

Allyson Felix, one of the most notable American athletes, has proven beyond doubt that she is committed and determined to become the first US woman to win gold in both 400 and 200-meter races. Since her debut into the Olympics limelight, she has won six medals; one is a gold medal that she won in the 200-meter race in the London Olympics.

At first, her quest to join the US team looked farfetched after she injured her right ankle this spring while training. Her performance on Sunday proved to the world that she has fully recovered and is ready to show that she is the best athlete in the world.

She clocked 49.68 seconds in the 400 meters final race and 0.26 seconds before Phyllis Francis, another competitive athlete who collapsed on the track due to exhaustion. After her success, she told reporters that she was overwhelmed by how she managed to comeback considering that two months before the trials, she could barely walk.

Other US athletes who are well on their way to Rio de Janeiro are Ashton Eaton, LawShawn Merrit, and Justin Gatlin. Gatlin clocked 9.8 seconds in the U.S Olympics 100 meters trials on Sunday to prove that he can no longer be considered an underdog when competing against renowned athletes such as Usain Bolt of Jamaica. Bolt’s physical fitness is not yet known after he pulled out of the Jamaican national championships this week.

On the other hand, LawShawn Merrit looks ready to compete against the world's famous players after completing the run in 43.97 seconds. This is 0.76 seconds over Gil Roberts’ record. Merritt is on record saying that he feels good and ready to compete in the 200 meters race.

Clearly, the US has one of the best Olympic teams in the world. Only time will tell if these athletes will successfully emerge as winners and pocket medals.





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