Hail State Hoops Announces 2015 Summer Camp Slate

After a notable 2014-2015 seasons that brought about a trip to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the Mississippi State women's basketball team has declared that enrollment is in progress for its 2015 midyear camps for different grades. Tips, training and seminars will be carried out during this time at the camp to enable the players in the various grades acquire various skills.

 The camp slate starts on June 1 to 4th and closes with the Team Shoot out Camp on June 19th or 20th.

Enlistment Campers will have chance to take in and build up their professional skills from SEC Coach of the Year-Vic Schaefer, MSU players and instructing staff and different mentors from the state.

The Camps interested in players in grades 2 to 7 and kicks off from 8 a.m.-twelve every day|. The camp, which amounts to $65, is intended to show crucial skills to players through fun tournaments and drills.

Grades 9-12 shape up` skills that will assist them get ready for games on Bulldogs' Elite Camp to be held on June 12-13. Amid the day camp, competitors will get the chance to experience the  common day of a tip  top understudy competitor  with time spent practicing, film room, learning scholarly prerequisites and getting direction on the best way to refuel with the right nutrition. This camping will also enable them have competence in the field while playing.


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