Know You F1 Car Basics!

Very few people are not turned on by the thrill of speed. In addition, when we talk about speed, one of the first things that flash across the mind is an F1 car. The epitome of manmade speed that can be achieved on land. Here are some interesting things about an F1 car that you may never have heard of!
Almost 80000 parts come together to build an F1 car. Such is the accuracy of its making that even if it was too reassembled incorrectly to a 99.9 percent, it would require almost 80 parts to be wrongly assembled.

F1 cars have a life of about 2 hours of racing on a track. Normal engine, in comparison can go up to 20 years without servicing!

An F1 driver faces a ‘deceleration’ or‘retardation’ every time he hits a break! It is much like a normal car driving into a brick wall at 300 kmph!

An F1 car does 18000 rpm! The piston goes up and down 300 times each second! Compare this to a regular car piston that revs up to a maximum of 6000 rpm!

Each F1 car has more than a kilometer of cable linked to almost one hundred sensors and almost the same amount of actuators that monitor and take control of the Formula1 car!

A Formula1 car can potentially accelerate from zero to 160 kilometers per hour and decelerate back to zero in four seconds!


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