SRO GT Challenge - Longest Race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

The sunny conditions at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca ensured that the fans would be treated to nothing less of a sizzling challenge of the best drivers in the longest race at the track. They were not disappointed!

The No. 29 team of Christopher Mies and company had an early lead of over half a minute at the halfway mark. However, they did not get to hang on their edge for much longer. Safety car interventions ate into their lead, and in no time, the Belgian Audi Club Team WRT R8 was hot on their heels.

They spent the next three hours chasing each other, and in the race for first position, they created some distance between the other cars. To gain an advantage, the No.11 and 29 opted to forego the pit stop delta time, which saw them handed a drive-through infraction for their oversight, but were still able to stay ahead of the No. 44 Magnus R8 Audi team that stuck to the rules.

In the dying laps, Robin Frijns had managed to pull a quick one on Mies and took the lead only to lose it after taking the drive through a lap earlier than Christopher Mies. Even though Frijns tried to take back the lead, it did not end well as both cars ended up in the gravel after contact at turn 10.

The damage caused to No. 29 was significant and Christopher Mies, while he did his best to maintain the position, Van Der Linde got the best of him and went right by him at turn 5 and Christopher had to settle for second place.

Kelvin Van Der Linde attributed his win to his much faster car and the fact that Christopher’s approach to defending his lead by holding back burnt out most of his tires giving the No. 44 team a chance to blast past Mies around the turn.

In the impressive event that was a fight down the wire, it was Kelvin Van Der Linde who took the first position followed a close 2.488 seconds by Christopher Mies and in the third place was No. 9 K-PAX Racing McLaren.



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