The Hummer Drive

Hummer is the name we all are quite familiar with. The big beast, which when rolls down on the roads always gets the heads turning. Hopping inside this mean machine is like entering into a completely different world. The driving experience of this vehicle is absolutely unmatched. There is no other SUV or truck that can come even close to what Hummer is all about. This brand was first brought to the notice of the people by AM General in the year 1992. Originally designed for military purposes, the very first civilian model was exhibited this year. The name of the model was M9998 Humvee. When General Motors bought out this brand in 1998, it had already become a fad among the people of United States. After acquiring the company, GM started selling three Hummer Vehicles: The very first Hummer H1, which was the replica of the military model; the upgraded version H2 which was more civilian friendly; and H3 model, which was also meant for the civilians.

When the economic slowdown began in the year 2008, GM management had already started questioning the viability of manufacturing Hummer. However, after due deliberation, instead of transferring this division to its liquidation company, GM decided to retain the brand and planned to reinforce its sales.

A Chinese company announced in 2009 that it will buy out the Hummer division of General Motors. However, later they backed out and the deal could not be completed. It was later revealed that the Chinese government had not allowed the deal to happen. By the end of May, 2010 this line of automobile had seen the dawn. The last Hummer to be sold was H3.



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