Tony Stewart calls the NASCAR Sprint All-Star race a disaster

Tony Stewart, a three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, in an angry spat has called last Saturday's All-Star race, a disaster. Talking to FOX Sports during the race, Stewart said that he was unhappy with NASCAR and that the contest was the most "screwed up" All-Star race he had ever been a participated in. He further said that he was glad it was his last one, although, he had not wanted his final All-Star Race to end the way it did.

This statement comes after Stewart crashed with Matt Kenseth causing the two drivers to hit the outside wall at the midway mark of Saturday's $1 million race. The problem was not the finish but everything before it. The Race was full of inconsistent approaches and uncommon officiating.

NASCAR accepted the blame, and the competition president, Scott Miller, acknowledged that the authorizing body did not deliberate on all possible incidents. Miller further stated that they ran into circumstances where the race procedures did not give them a chance for the wave around, which then caused a lot of confusion. He admitted that this would have to change if they were to continue using the same format.

One other contestant, Kenseth, said he had never been that confused in a car race in his entire life and that he hoped everybody who was watching understood because he also had no idea what happened from the time the first car pitted.

The latest idea for the All-Star Race was supposed to have been sound with the intention of placing slower cars on older tires in front of the faster cars on new tires. What happened instead was too many cars stuck a lap down, or crashing and eventually leaving only two drivers on the old tire plan. The core elements of the current format should undergo few adjustments to prevent a similar recurrence.



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