If you are over 50, how do cardio exercises increase aging?

One of the signs of aging is that metabolism becomes slower. Therefore, burning fat becomes a much slower process. Many exercises that once were thought to help you burn fat more easily; to help make you fit and even keep you young have now been proven to do pretty much the opposite. When it comes to aging, some types of exercises will cause you pain and lead to sever maladies.  

There are some things that you can do to reduce aging. Even when you are chronologically over 50 years old, you can actually reduce your biological age and make this clock tick much more slowly. How does cardio exercising increase aging? This will depend on what kind of exercise you are engaging in.

When you do cardio, you are stretching your muscles.  Instead of this being a benefit, it is counterproductive since this process releases free radicals. These ions will destroy cells in the body and, therefore, accelerate the aging process. 

You may begin to have joint pain from strenuous exercise. Many times sleep is affected as well. This does not mean that you should completely give up on cardio. Just keep in mind that your muscles, tendons, and joints no longer work the way they did when you were younger.  This means that you might want to moderate your exercise routines so that your heart does not have to work extra hard to pump oxygen throughout the body. Extra stress on your heart can be dangerous.  


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