New Jersey Golf Instructor killed

Wesley Mensing was crossing a street with 30-year-old Sauchelli on Saturday evening with a Mercedes-Benz SUV hit them both. Both Mensing and his girlfriend were taken to the hospital almost immediately. Unfortunately, Mensing passed away upon arrival.

Wesley Mensing, 27-years-old, was featured as one of “the best young teachers in America” in a November publication of Golf Digest. He worked as an expert golf instructor at the Plainfield Country Club in New Jersey, and was known for his skill, patience, and passion. The magazine called him along with ten others, “the future of golf instruction.”

Former golf student, Kevin Rees, described Mensing as humble as well as accomplished. When he was mentioned in Golf Digest, Rees said Mensing was “very excited about it, but he didn’t gloat.” The 53-year-old former student remembered fondly, “That was a major accomplishment for him.”

Golf director Scott Paris was deeply distressed by his employee’s death. He told Daily News that Mensing’s passion for teaching golf was “never-ending.”

Reportedly, Wesley Mensing and his girlfriend were holding hands right before the crash. When they were struck, the two ended up pinned beneath the Mercedes. A group of witnesses were needed to lift the car off of them.

Sauchelli is being treated for her head and leg injury. Mensing suffered several head injuries that proved fatal within minutes of the crash.

Although the situation is still under investigation, the 45-year-old SUV driver has been officially identified by the police. He received a ticket for driving without a license, and is being told to remain nearby for further questioning. The police have not released his name to the public.


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