Spieth Relishes The Opportunity Of Grabbing The No. 1 Spot

With Rory Mcllroy not playing at this year’s Open Championship Jordan Spieth is facing the possibility of dethroning Rory the number one spot. The 21-year old Jordan Speith doesn’t even need to actually win the whole event for him to be the new world No. 1, all he has to do is simply just make sure that he finishes in the top six. 

While speaking to the media, Spieth himself also indicated that he was very surprised when he found ut that he is in a position of snatching away the world No. 1 spot from Rory. Here is what he said while speaking to the media mid this week, “At the beginning of this year I never thought that I would be in a position of becoming world No. 1.” He then said that, “I am surprised that this opportunity has presented itself to me right now.”    

This year has without a doubt been a very good one for Spieth, he actually became the third player in golfing history in the last decade to surpass 11 average points after he won the prestigious U.S. Open.  

Many were surprised by the fact that Mcllroy would not be taking part in this year Open and there were questions as to what exactly had happened. The world No. 1 via his Instagram account revealed that he won’t be taking part in the Open due to a ruptured a ligament on his left ankle.



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