Tiger to Return to Golf

There are some crazed fans that are very excited about Tiger Woods returning to the golfing world next week for the Hero World Challenge. Woods has gotten a lot of bad press since his marriage ended and he omitted to have an affair. Some fans are still ever so loyal though.

Some sports reporters think that he will be very relaxed during this tournament. They feel like he does have a lot of pressure on him to do well, but he is now in a very different place in his life and his golfing which seems to be more relaxed and laid back. They will think that he will place in the top five though.

Other reporters think that Woods is not concerned too much with what people are saying about him and his game. He isn’t looking to win the tournament, but rather to get back in the game and just get back to doing what he loves and that is golf.

There has been quite a lot of pressure on Tiger Woods and we have seen him play just a few times since his marriage crumbled. He has been incredibly open and honest about his life and marriage and should be commended for that. He still is a great golfer and a lot of his fans are truly happy that he will be back in action.

We shall see how he finishes in the tournament and see if he will go on to play in the bigger ones of the year and perhaps next year. We know a lot of fans would love to see him at the Masters again.


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