3 Ways to Improve Your Heading in Soccer

Heading is an important skill in soccer, and unfortunately, an alarming number of college soccer players neglect to develop it properly in their game. Great players always appreciate the impact a crucial header could have on a game, and here are some ways you can polish your heading skills in training.

Go through combinations of headers to work on your technique
Developing good control over your heading would give you a significant aerial advantage, with the ability to head passes and clear safely. Practice a mix of defensive and attacking headers to improve technique evenly.

Practice for all scenarios
Heading in corners and set pieces requires different skills in defensive and offensive plays. Try to practice with all combinations, and with different positions of play to be prepared for each possibility in actual games.

Include heading specific exercises in your workout
To be able to head well, you need good power in your neck and legs. Don't neglect to work on their development to improve your aerial ability. Work on gradually increasing your jumping height, as an inch or two could prove decisive in aerial battles.

These simple tips to plan your training would help you develop your heading ability, which will improve your range of skills in both offense and defense. Don't neglect your heading skills, as they often prove to be the hallmark of the greatest players.



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