‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell To Wrestle Stardust

If you are an “Arrow” fan and especially if you are a fan of Stephen Amell, then you are in for a treat as the CW star is scheduled to wrestle Stardust during this year’s Summer Slam competition. Will it be able to beat Mayweather’s fight in terms of hype and ticket sales? Probably not but what we can be assured of is great entertainment when the two take up the stage to wrestle one another.

34-year old Amell, who has captured hearts of many women due to his good looks, will be fighting 29-year old Stardust as his fans know him. Stardust’s real name is Cody Rhodes and he has cemented his name in the WWE world gaining many fans in the process.

“Steven is looking to get in the ring for the WWE and the match looks like it will take place at SummerSlam in NYC,” an insider who has knowledge about the whole issue said.

So how did we all get here, well, Amell, who is a huge fan of WWE, got Stardust’s attention after he Tweeted via his Twitter account that he will be attending Stardust’s big WWE match against Nevile which is slated for May the 27th. Once Strdust’s attention was captured, the two engaged in a small beef online where Stardust stated that the “Arrow” star is actually putting up a front simply as an actor and nothing much. In response, Amell Tweeted;  

You tread carefully @StardustWWE — Or I’ll be back. pic.twitter.com/wuZ56wIIKu
— Stephen Amell (@amellywood) May 26, 2015

After that there was no turning back and the two are set to wrestle during this year’s summer slam. The question remaining is whether he will be fighting as his character Arrow or himself.



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