Carlo Ancelotti says sorry

Real Madrid has one of the biggest budgets among all football teams, and some of the best football players. So, when they don’t play perfectly, it is a huge problem! The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti apologizes for team’s bad performance, against Schalke. He also admitted that he and his team deserve criticism! Every aspect of the game was problematic, offense, desire, defense, even desire and concentration were bad!

Cristiano Ronaldo was upset, and after the match announced that he wouldn’t be speaking to the media the whole season! The 10 times European champions qualifies for their fifth Champions League quarter-final, but they suffered fifth defeat at the Bernabeu, in 2015! Ancelotti ended his first season, last May, by winning the Champions League.

Schalke achieve two goals in the first half and increase their pressure for the third goal. They needed that third goal for qualification. The only other two teams who beat Real at the Bernabeu, by two goals difference are Juventus, in November 2008 and Barcelona, in April 2011. These were only two goals difference defeats in the last 10 years! For that success team must be almost perfect, so every aspect of the game must be on high level! Sadly, we cannot say this for their last game! It was one of the worse in last 10 years!

After the match, Schalke’s boss Roberto Di Matteo, announced that they have mixed feelings. He was responsible for winning the competition with Chelsea in 2012. In addition, Matteo announced that they were trying to win and succeed, but it isn’t enough, the team must continue winning!



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