Dangers of Extreme Sports

Yeah, it is true that, “Life is shot and you live it once, so have fun”, and take on life and go for adventure and have a blast, while it all seems an amazing idea; nothing at the cost of your precious life is fun. So, while agreeing to go for extreme sports, one has to make careful and wise decisions, and take every precautions for it. 

Some people who are adventure driven and are adrenaline junkies like those sports that involve the adrenaline rush thumping, blood pumping and testosterone rush. Well, there is an unimaginable amount of fun, but at the same time, they are always high risk sorts that hangs by the thread of life and death risks, no matter how geared up you are and protective measures you have taken. Here is a list of some major dangers to this sports.   

(1) Weather: Whether it is an extreme water sport like surfing, kayaking etc. or in land sports like, rock climbing, skating etc. they all depend on the weather. A sudden change in the atmosphere can turn the fun into tragedy and there is no way out when you are stuck in the middle.

(2) Balance: Well, all these extreme sports depend on one’s skill of maintaining balance. It needs a lot of practice.

(3) Concentration: It’s very much-needed as anything can happen in a blink of an eye. So intense concentration is essential.

(4) Experience: Only this helps in any unfortunate or extreme situations. It is also must thing amongst your skills.

(5) Gear Malfunction: This would ruin everything as we don’t know which nature’s force we are up against unless we are out there, and one can’t risk life. So a thorough and proper check up of all gears is must.




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