Fernando Alonso crashed F1 car

More bad news for McLaren. Fernando Alonso, has an accident on the final day of testing in Barcelona. He is conscious and is he speaking! This was the final day of car testing before the season starts! Although, Fernando is feeling ok, he was airlifted to the hospital. His team tweeted that he must go into the hospital because further checks are needed. According to the McLaren team, Fernando’s car left the track at the third corner and his right side of the car hit into the wall, at a speed of 150mp/h! Alonso was transmitted to the circuit’s medical Centre, where doctors gave him first aid. The accident was severe, and the car is ruined! At this moment we still don’t know the cause of the accident.

Although he spoke and was conscious, the usual procedure in this circumstance is to take the driver to the hospital. Formula 1 cars, can measure G-force of crashes. FIA rules dictate that depending of a severity of a crash, the driver must be checked in a circuit’s medical Centre or in a hospital. Because this was a severe crash, Alonso had to be transmitted to the hospital! Fernando Alonso is a former F1 champion who won 2005 and 2006 season. Ferrari, Alonso’s former team tweeted ‘’All the best Fernando.’’

It looks like this is going to be a tough season for McLaren-Honda team. They have problems with a new power unit, and now this accident happened. Maybe the power unit is responsible for this crash, but we shall find out this soon. Although, the FIA has many rules that should make Formula 1 much safer, it looks like they still cannot prevent accidents.



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