Lebron Is The Best Of All Time

As professionals look on the past, it is evident that Lebron James is the best of all time when it comes to the finals. He is accomplishing more than any other basketball player in history. 

For starters, Lebron has made the finals every year since he started in the NBA. Secondly, Lebron has scored the highest points as a player in the finals. He is up their with Michael Jordan and many other great players; it’s know wonder he wears number 23. 

Lebron also has the most time with the ball in all final games going back to 2011. No matter what, the ball seems to always come back in the hands of Lebron. Going further, all of the points scored by the Cavaliers have come from Lebron. Of course, Lebron has not scored every single point by himself, but he was involved in the passes or steals that caused the Cavaliers to score during the NBA playoffs. 

This information has come from analysts who recently studied the playoffs this year and all of the playoff games Lebron has played in thus far. These individuals have been involved in the game of basketball for a long period of time. They know the game, the players, and the potential outcome. 

Fans everywhere also believe Lebron is the best of all time. This comes even from fans that dislike Lebron for leaving one team or another. This is because Lebron lets his game speak for itself. Lebron wants to continue to be the best of all time. 



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