Prepare Yourself For A Game Of American Football If You Have A Passion For Teamwork

A game of American football involves a team of 11 players pitched into a rectangular field each aiming at scoring points by pelting the oval shaped ball into the goalposts at either ends. Each player in a team has s specialized role to play in a team, and the coach is the best person to assign roles to appropriate players.

The team that scores the most points in a game of American football is, of course, the one that wins the game. The players in the offensive team are in control of the ball. They move around with the ball in their hands. They can pass the  ball to their fellow teammates.

The ball is most likely to be grabbed by a player from the defensive team while it is on its way. The players  with the ball must move ahead at least 10 yards with the ball in hand or give it to the opponents.

Rugby football is believed to be the origin of American football. A game of rugby involves the scoring of goals by pitting the ball into the opponent's goalposts. The ball can be kicked around by the players.

The first official game of American football was played in November 1869. The rules were a combination of rules of rugby and soccer. The ball used was a round one. The ball could be pushed using all parts of the body, with the aim of pelting it into the opponent's goalpost. Each team had 20 players on each side.




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