Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked By Sharks During Surf Competition

When it comes to surfing there is one particular accident that no surfer or even any event organizer of any surfing competition would like to see. Sadly though, this particular aspect happened over the weekend during a surf competition. 

The surfer who was unfortunate in this particular incident was surfer Mick Fanning. Mick, an Australian surfer, was taking part in South Africa’s J-Bay Open when the unthinkable happened. Two sharks, which happened to be roaming about the area where the surfers were surfing at came out full force and went for the surfer. All this happened when Mick was waiting to catch a surf. 

As horrific as it looked, Mick surprisingly survived the attack and he didn’t just survive as was able to talk with the media following the attack. “I was basically just there when I happened to feel as if something was stuck on my rope,” Mick said. “When I tried my best to kick it for that opportunity to get away, I saw the fins and that when I knew that the teeth are the ones to come next.”    

Upon impact, the three-time world champion, was thrown off his board. He then started swimming towards the shores of the sea. Rescuers who were heading out to rescue the Australian surfer were the ones who picked him up and they were shocked to see that he wasn’t harmed.

The news of Mick being attacked by Sharks while surfing at an event in South Africa was confirmed by the World Surf League, after the attack, the whole event was called off. 



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