What Are The Coaches Saying To Their Teams?

The coaches of both teams have two different messages. From the Cavaliers, the coach is telling the team to play their hardest and do their best. This coach is also telling the team that they are already winners. 

The coach of the Warriors is telling the team to go on the court and destroy the other team at all costs. This coach is telling the team they have to win at any costs. Sources say the coach of the Warriors is getting louder than the coach of the Cavaliers. Though the Warriors are up one game, the coach believes they have more to lose. The coach believes the Warriors cannot afford to lose game six. 

The offense and defense coaches are also counseling the teams. Both coaches are giving the teams new strategies to follow for game six. If either team wants to win, they must show a unique offense and defense. This cannot be a game where they just go out and play. They have to go out with a design that will carry them through all four quarters. They must also have a design to make the other team as tires as possible. 

Both teams are prepared to listen to their coaches to the fullest degree during this game. These teams are also prepared to make substitutions, even if this means sitting down their best players. This is because the fourth quarter is going to be the most important part of the game. Both of these teams are fourth quarter teams. 



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