Who is the billionaire owner of the Nets?

The American basketball team, the Brooklyn Nets is one of the best teams in the country. The owner of the team is what has made the players and the team so successful, as he has invested more than many businessmen in the Nets. Who is he?

Mikhail Prokhorov was born in Moscow of Jewish parents. His parents and grandparents were persecuted by the Russian regime for years. At University, he graduated from the Moscow Finance Institute and he spent the next years working in the International Bank for Economic Cooperation.

He proved his talent in business and he started various successful companies in a country where it was difficult to succeed without relations and approval from the regime. Because of his connections with international companies, Mikhail was more than once investigated by the government but all his affairs were in order.

In 2009 he started the process of buying the Nets, and in 2010, he became the owner of the team with 80% stake. With this, he became the first non-American owner of a team in the NBA, which started a real controversy at the time. 

Mikhail is also involved in politics in Russia, and he has declared war against corruption and nepotism. He criticized the attitude of Putin and he competed against Putin as an independent candidate in the 2012 presidential race. He lost with 8% of the votes, only to become the leader of the Civic Platform Party soon after that.

Although he is not well-known as a political personality in Russia, Mikhail has built a circle of international politicians and investors around him who support his every decision.


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