You Can Enjoy A Game Of Ice-Hockey Only If You Can Skate On Ice

The game of ice-hockey was initiated when a group of hockey players began to play the game with some modifications made to the general rules. The icy winters did bring some challenges for these expert players, so they changed the rules of the game to suit the changed situations in the winters.

The game was introduced to the US by British sailors, and some college students also picked up an affinity for the novelty at the same time. Organised ice hockey came to be played in the course of a few years as the game spread to other parts of the US. The number of players in each team in a game of ice hockey was nine, but it has now been regulated to just seven.

The first professional ice hockey game was initiated in 1904. The game spread all over the country since then. The game was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1920.

A hockey stick in a game of ice-hockey is a bit less curved as compared to a normal hockey stick. It is made of wood or  a composite material is used in making the hockey stick.

Players in a game of ice-hockey push around a vulcanised rubber disc using their hockey sticks. The aim is to push the rubber disc into the goalpost at the ends of the rink. Players are supposed to move on special skates over ice. The game is certainly not for those who are not into skating. The game is highly popular all over Canada and the US.




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